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SKF Thrust Ball Bearing 51413 Introduction
Jan 14, 2019

 SKF51413 thrust ball bearings and specifications, performance introduction.

Inner diameter (mm): 56

Outer diameter (mm): 140

Width (mm): 56

Grease lubrication speed (r/min): 1000

Cor(kN): 493

Cr(kN): 232

Oil lubrication speed (r/min): 1600

Weight (KG): 4.47

SKF51413 thrust ball bearing characteristics introduction:

Load direction: radial load mechanism: solid friction lubricant: solid lubricant lubrication method: drip lubrication lubrication state: boundary lubrication bearing material: cast iron use: general use characteristics: high temperature standard parts: standard parts imported: imported samples or Spot: Spot height: 12 (mm) mm

SKF51413 thrust ball bearing structure and application range:

Thrust ball bearings are separate bearings, which are classified into one-way thrust balls and two-way thrust ball bearings according to their structural forms. One-way thrust ball bearings can withstand axial loads in one direction, and two-way thrust ball bearings can withstand axial loads in both directions. None of them can withstand radial loads. Thrust ball bearings also have a structure with a seat cushion. Since the mounting surface of the seat cushion is spherical, the bearing has a self-aligning performance, which can reduce the influence of installation errors. Thrust ball bearings are mainly used in the automotive, machine tool and other industries.

The cause of possible damage to SKF51413 thrust ball bearings:

1. Reason: The method of running the inner casing of the bearing: replacing the bearing and related wear parts

2. Reason: Poor lubrication method: use the lubricating material of the specified grade and clean it properly.

3. Reason: The belt is too tight: adjust the belt to make the tightness appropriate

4. Reason: The spindle is bent or the hole of the box is different. The method is to repair the spindle or the box.

5, the reason: low assembly quality method: improve assembly quality

6. Reasons: Low bearing accuracy Method: Select the bearing with the specified accuracy grade

7. The axial force is too large. Method: cleaning and adjusting the clearance of the sealing ring to be between 0.2 and 0.3 mm, correcting the balance of the impeller and verifying the static balance.

8, bearing damage method: replace the bearing

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