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Advantages Of Using Oil-free Self-lubricating Bearings
Jun 26, 2018

Self-lubricating bearings are an emerging concept and refer to the fact that no need to add a lubricant before the bearing is used or during the operation can also achieve normal operation, while also having a good friction reducing effect. This is because oil-free self-lubricating bearings are generally made from self-lubricating materials, or sealed in advance by filling the bearing with a sufficient amount of lubricant, so as to achieve long-term use. A composite self-lubricating block made of a mixture of molybdenum disulfide and graphite is also embedded in the metal sleeve of the bearing.

the lubrication mechanism of a self-lubricating bearing made of self-lubricating material is: During the sliding friction between the shaft and the sleeve, some molecules in the self-lubricating material will transfer to the metal surface of the shaft. Filling friction appears uneven, but also forms a stable layer of solid lubricant film, the role of this layer of solid lubricant film is to avoid adhesion and wear of the shaft and sleeve.

Self-lubricating bearings combine the advantages of non-metallic wear-reducing materials and copper alloy materials to complement each other. Such bearings can not be added to grease at high temperature, no load, low speed, strong radiation, no oil, and penetration in water or other solutions. For use under special working conditions.

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