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Fighting Between Alibaba And Wechat
Apr 23, 2018

 Ten years ago, Tencent was still an obscure internet company. At that time, there were many giants around it. Today, Tencent has become China's largest Internet group, and its market value in the world has also ranked third. The reason why they can achieve such great results is that they firmly control the social service. Even if many Internet companies want to share a win in the social field, they are eventually beaten by Tencent. Tencent has also struggled to build a huge business empire step by step with its high-quality social services. 

As we all know, Jack Ma has always wanted to enter the social field, and Tencent has always wanted to enter the field of e-commerce, but the fighting between the two sides are very cruel. They has not been able to enter each other's business camp. In order to compete with Alibaba, Tencent has invested in,, and a variety of new retail commercial companies throughout the years, striving to paly against Alibaba through other holding companies. However, the effect of this strategy is obviously not ideal. 

 Recently, WeChat's app on the Apple side was redesigned. People were surprised to find that Ma added a number of search functions in WeChat. This change also highlighted Ma's ambitions. I believe that Jack Ma will certainly be scared after seeing it. Today's Internet Dividend has been exhausted, so the entrance to the competition has become a new battleground for major Internet companies. Alibaba firmly holds the e-commerce search portal to be the industry leader. Baidu has also achieved glorious results because it firmly occupied the first entrance to the Internet. Now almost everyone can use WeChat, and the search portal provided by WeChat is likely to become the next Big Mac. 

 In WeChat search, there are many types of friends, public numbers, applets, etc., but there is no product search. However, this does not mean that Tencent does not have the ability to do this. As long as Ma Huateng is willing to, he can join the product search. With the huge data of and other e-commerce companies, once WeChat's search function provides a product search index, it will be a major blow to Looking through the development of the Internet in China, the only constant is to change permanently.   I believe with the further development of WeChat, the  fighting in the Internet will be even more exciting. 

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