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3D Printed Bearing Cage From Bowman
Aug 24, 2018

With 3D printing technology, Bowman is optimized for cage design, and the complex structure is integrated into the cage. 3D printing equipment can economically produce this complex design.

According to 3D Science Valley, the main function of the cage is to keep the rolling elements at a suitable distance from each other, reduce the frictional moment of the bearing and the heat generated by the friction, and distribute the rolling elements evenly throughout the bearing to optimize the load. Distribution and noise reduction. The design and materials of the cage therefore have a major impact on the suitability of the rolling bearing in a particular application.

When designing a 3D print cage, Bowman used an interlocking structure with the rolling elements holding each part of the cage together. The advantage of this design is that it gives more space around the circumference of the cage, so this holder can add 2-4 rolling elements compared to similar products on the market. This means that the bearing load can be distributed over a larger number of rolling bodies.

According to Bowman, the 3D printed bearing cage with this design increases the load bearing capacity of the split bearing by 70% and the working life to 500%. Bowman can increase bearing load and life without changing the design of other components in the bearing.


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