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Tips of troubleshooting for needle bearing
May 02, 2018

Tips of troubleshooting for needle bearing 

Needle bearing fault diagnosis technology mainly includes vibration diagnosis technology, ferrography diagnosis technology, temperature diagnosis technology, acoustic diagnosis technology, oil film resistance diagnosis technology and optical fiber monitoring and diagnosis technology. Among them, vibration, iron spectrum, and temperature diagnosis technology are widely used.

Vibration diagnosis technology

When the working surface of the needle roller bearing element is subject to fatigue peeling, indentation or local corrosion, a periodic pulse signal will appear during operation of the needle roller bearing. This periodic signal can be received by a sensor (speed type or acceleration type) mounted on the bearing housing, and the failure of the needle roller bearing can be diagnosed by analyzing the vibration signal.

Features: Vibration diagnosis technology is widely used; online monitoring can be realized; diagnostics are fast and diagnostic theory is mature.

Applications: Particularly suitable for fault monitoring of needle roller bearings in rotating machinery.

Iron spectrum diagnosis technology

Roller bearing wear particles are closely related to their working conditions. The lubricating oil with wear particles passes through a strong magnetic field, under the action of a strong magnetic field, the abrasive particles are deposited on the iron sheet in accordance with certain rules, and the ferrogram can be qualitatively observed on a ferrospectroscope or tested on a quantitative instrument. , According to this judgment needle roller bearing working condition.

Features: Machine does not need to disintegrate; Low investment, good effect; Can find the early fatigue failure of needle roller bearings; Can do wear mechanism research.

Application: Fault diagnosis for needle bearings lubricated with lubricating oil is difficult for grease-lubricated needle roller bearings.

Oil film resistance diagnosis technology

With a well-oiled needle roller bearing, there is a large resistance between the inner and outer rings due to the action of the oil film. Therefore, by measuring the resistance of the inner and outer rings of the needle roller bearing, the abnormality of the needle roller bearing can be judged.

Features: The same criteria can be used for different working conditions. The diagnosis of abnormalities such as surface peeling, indentation, and cracks is poor.

Application: Suitable for applications where the rotating shaft is exposed.

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