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oil and gas lubrication products selection considerations for spindles bearings
Sep 15, 2018

High-speed electric spindles bearings are mainly used in high-speed engraving and milling machines and grinding machines. The high-speed operation of electric spindles ensures reliable lubrication and product selection. The current lubrication methods are divided into: oil, oil mist, oil and gas. Grease-lubricated electric spindles are not high-speed, and they are all packaged when the bearings are selected. For high-load electric spindles, this lubrication method is beneficial. The advantage is that the input cost of the electric spindle is low. Oil mist lubrication: In fact, when the electric spindle design has only one lubrication inlet, this lubrication method is not conducive to the reliable and effective supply of lubrication, excessive consumption of oil and risk of contamination of the operating environment. The economic cost is not good. Oil and gas lubrication: Because the advantages of oil and gas lubrication are quite obvious, the current electric spindle design manufacturers are widely used. First talk about the requirements of oil and gas lubrication of electric spindle: 1. Lubricating oil cleanliness level: 13/10 (ISO4406); 2. Air cleanliness: air filtration accuracy of 0.01 micron; 3. Air dryness: dew point is +2 °C; 4 The inlet gauge pressure in front of the bearing nozzle: 2-3 bar; 5. Oil and gas pipeline: inner diameter 2 to 2.5 mm, suitable for transparent pipelines with small bending radius and not easy to bend; 6. Length of oil and gas pipeline: length in 1 to 4 meters is ideal. There is a spiral tube at the lubrication point from the terminal to facilitate oil storage. When the bearing stops running again, it is beneficial to quickly get the oil and gas in place and shorten the response time. Then, when choosing oil and gas lubrication products, you must first meet the above requirements. In addition, how the performance of oil and gas lubrication products can achieve good transport of oil and gas to the electric spindle, achieving reliable and stable operation. 1. Accurate quantitative oil supply, can adjust the amount of oil delivered to each end of the bearing end, the range is 5-40mm3. 2. Digital display time setting: It can realize arbitrary setting of oil supply cycle time. 3. Pressure monitoring: It can monitor oil and gas delivery pressure or gas source pressure, and preferentially monitor oil and gas pressure. 4. Monitoring of oil supply status: Since the oil supply amount per unit time of the electric spindle is small, the oil supply interval is 3min-7min, or even longer, so the stability detection of each lubrication point is an important indicator. 5. Bearing cavity pressure: that is, the oil and gas pressure should be adjustable. 6. Display and fault feedback: The product operation status and faults have local display and remote feedback functions, such as: high and low air source pressure, low liquid level, oil supply failure. The above points are the guarantee for ensuring stable and reliable operation of the electric spindle. Therefore, in the selection of oil and gas lubrication, you need to carefully select the right product.

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