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Causes of bearing ringing and how to deal with it
Apr 05, 2018

Causes of bearing ringing and how to deal with it

Normal operating bearing sound

If the bearing is in a good continual state, it will make a low hum or buzz sound. If sharp arpeggios, arpeggios and other irregular sounds are given, it is often said that the bearings are in a bad continual condition. Sharp noises may be caused by improper lubrication. Improper bearing clearance can also cause metallic sound.

Dimples on the outer ring of the bearing can cause vibrations and cause smooth, crisp sounds.

If there is intermittent noise, it means that the rolling element may be damaged. This sound occurs when contaminants in the bearing often cause squeaks when the damaged surface is pressed. Severe bearing damage can create irregular and loud noises.

If it is due to knocking damage caused by the installation  , the noise will vary with the bearing speed.


Big metal noise

Cause 1: Abnormal load,

Solutions: Corrective cooperation, study of bearing clearance, adjustment and load, and correction of housing shoulder position.

Cause 2: Poor installation, 

Solutions: machining accuracy of the shaft and housing, improvement of installation accuracy, and installation method.

Cause 3: Insufficient or inappropriate lubricant. 

Solution: Add lubricant and select the appropriate lubricant.

Cause 4: Rotating parts are in contact. Solution: Modify the contact portion of the labyrinth seal.

Regular noise

Cause 1: Due to foreign objects causing indentation, rust, or scars on the rolling surface, 

Solutions: Replace the bearing, clean the relevant parts, improve the sealing device, and use a clean lubricant.

Cause 2: Surface deformation after steel carburizing. 

Solutions: Replace bearings and pay attention to their use.

Cause 3: Raceway surface peeling,

Solutions: Replace bearings.

Irregular noise

Cause 1: Excessive clearance,

Solutions: study cooperation and bearing clearance, modify the preload.

Cause 2: Intrusion of foreign materials, 

Solutions: Research on replacement of bearings, cleaning of related parts, improvement of sealing devices, and use of clean lubricants.

Cause 3: Spherical injury, peeling, countermeasures: Replace bearings.


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